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25 January, 2018
News Story

Budgeting Workshops for Residents

Your Place residents learn vital skills on budgeting, spending and saving and also how to be a good tenant, giving them added confidence about their future independence.

The residents of Your Place were kindly invited by MyBnk to a four day course following on from a tester session held last week. MyBnk brings financial education and enterprise to life for young people, and takes a unique approach in building their programmes with the young people themselves to ensure each session is engaging and interesting. The course covered tenancy agreements avoiding eviction, saving and current accounts, plus good and bad spending habits.

We always aim to enrol our residents in applicable courses and training sessions where they learn life skills, such as this, to ensure they are prepared and able to live independently when they move on from Your Place. For example, residents were shown in real monetary terms the saving that can be made by learning to cook rather than eating out – although MyBnk very kindly treated residents to pizza as a treat for this session!

Tope Chiedozie, the Lead Trainer of the session, said, “Those who attended the course were such a joy to work with – their enthusiasm and desire to learn really brought the sessions alive. They have bright futures ahead of them.”

This appreciation was entirely mutual; our residents welcomed the approachable and engaging demeanour of Tope as he used familiar situations which residents could easily take on board and imagine using in the future. As Shaneka Griffith, Course Assistant, highlights “It was good to see them relate everything we discussed to real life situations.”

We’d like to thank MyBnk for taking the time to help our residents in such a valuable way, and we hope to have more residents in the future attending sessions and gaining vital skills for their futures.

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