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12 December, 2018
News Story


Whilst Christmas is a much-loved time for many as they gather to celebrate with loved ones, for over 320,000 homeless people in Britain it’s like any other time of year – a battle to get by.

In the London Borough of Newham, where Caritas Anchor House is based, at least one in every 24 people are homeless – the highest in the country. For those sleeping on the streets or in unstable accommodation, such as shelters or bed and breakfasts, it can be a difficult time where they are reminded of memories of a life once lived surrounded by loved ones. Thankfully, we exist to offer a safe place to call home, this Christmas and beyond.

We are more than simply a roof over the heads of those we support. We are driven by our mission to ensure that each person who walks through our doors goes lead independent, fulfilling lives, full of confidence and aspirations. As such, we provide holistic support and encouragement, 365 days a year, including access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities, life skills including money management and building support networks.

We could tell you about all that we do and the difference that we make, but we think it’s best told by someone who has experienced it personally. Meet Kevin, who is living at Caritas Anchor House.

“I had been sleeping on a piece of cardboard under the A13 before moving into Caritas Anchor House. But when I moved in, I got more than just a roof over my head. I got a place I could call home. In fact, I never even said ‘Caritas Anchor House – I always said ‘home’

“There, I got stability which meant I could start applying for jobs. I was able to get a great job as a mechanic after getting support to update my CV, help with training and skills, and the funding for my driving licence which I needed. All the support I got from my Keyworker Rose made a big difference – she really helped me!

“I’ve now moved on into a home of my own, and although it’s small there is enough space to have my family to visit, and for my grandson to stay over. It’s only my first step but it’s a really great one and I am saving money to move on again when I’m ready.”

We hope that his story has shown the importance of the support that Caritas Anchor House offers to those to come to us for help, above and beyond providing a place to call home.

No-one should become homeless, and we’re passionate that those who do receive the support and care they need to ensure they do not have to face it again. To help us with this mission, donate here

Your support will have a lasting impact on the lives of homeless people – this Christmas and beyond.  We’d be truly grateful for any support.

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