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12 December, 2023
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Christmas Appeal 2023

Support our Christmas Appeal 2023 to help those facing homelessness this winter

Will you support someone experiencing homelessness this Christmas?

You will have seen an array of news headlines around homelessness this year. In the perfect storm of cost of living, housing, and mental health crises, the number of people facing homelessness is on the rise. This is particularly the case in London and Newham, where we are based. But there is hope. Can you join us in making a difference?

This Christmas, a donation to Your Place will go to those who need it the most, ensuring people who are facing homelessness and social isolation have a roof over their head, and a community to support their next steps.

Thanks to our kind supporters, Your Place residents are offered a safe base to rebuild and recuperate after losing their home. A nurturing space, with an accepting community of 155 residents and a caring staff team, and a programme of support tailored to each individual’s needs, help form the foundations of moving onto their next chapter.

Ahmed was offered hope, a home, and a healing place to grow.

“I spent six months sleeping on the streets. You have to keep moving around to try and keep safe. You have no idea where you’re going to be and where you will sleep. “When it got really cold, I went to get advice and was told about a winter shelter. I stayed there 25 days before they referred me to Your Place. I met a lot of people at Your Place. Around Christmas they had activities going on, so I could meet others and get involved in different things.

“I appreciated that time. The accommodation was good, safety was 100% and the foodbank was really useful too. I’m just looking for safety in my life, a stable place to live.”

Thanks to your generous support, so far in 2023 we have been able to help 29 residents into employment and 112 people into move-on accommodation, which is sustainable and suitable for the individual’s needs.


But with a cost-of-living crisis and an increase in service demand like we’ve never seen before, all support will bring hope to our residents (past, present and future) and help them move on from homelessness.


Anything you can spare will make the world of difference. On behalf of all our residents: thank you. By donating today, you can give the gift of hope this Christmas.

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