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22 May, 2019
News Story


This month we hosted a visit from an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Advisor to support our residents with the most complex needs on their journeys into employment.

Homelessness and unemployment can form a vicious cycle. It is difficult to find employment whilst not living in stable accommodation, whilst the loss of a job can result in losing your home.

Our Education, Training and Employment Programme supports our residents to build skills and confidence to get into work, while also offering opportunities for placements and work experience.

This month, an employability workshop was delivered by Robb Hudson – an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Advisor, specialising in helping those with support needs including mental health, substance abuse or offending into employment.

The workshop focused on confidence and employability, in which Robb asked the residents to have a think about employment and what it means on a broader scale. Residents were encouraged to consider what type of roles they might like to secure, what they’d like to get out of a role. It was also emphasised that each person needs the confidence and willingness to search for the right job in order to reach their goals.

In an open discussion, the group discussed tips to boost confidence when seeking a job such as overcoming fear and instead tapping into positive pathways of thought, and taking small steps forward when approaching a particular job. Robb also addressed the common problem of anxiety in a job interview and shared techniques and tips including breathing and posture, whilst remaining positive and focussing on your strengths.

Robb said, “It was lovely to come in and meet the wonderful staff and residents at Caritas Anchor House.

“The turnout for the workshop was great and it was lovely to see and hear the residents express themselves and their concerns with regards to getting back into work, and being able to support them to overcome some of those worries.

“I’m very much looking forward to coming back.”

Residents that attended fed back that the workshop has been very useful, and helped them to feel better equipped for their journey back into work.

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