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26 July, 2018
News Story


55% of homeless families trapped in temporary accommodation are working, according to new research released by Shelter’s social housing commission.

The analysis shows that more than 33,000 families are holding down a job despite having nowhere stable to live – an increase of 73 per cent since 2013 when it was 19,000 families.

At Caritas Anchor House, we provide a home to over 250 homeless people each year. We are dedicated to helping people break the cycle of homelessness, and believe that opportunities for growth and learning are key. When asked in our service user survey this year, our residents reported that ‘somewhere to live’ followed by ‘help finding employment’, were the two most important things for them while at Caritas Anchor House.

These priorities come as no surprise as we are based in the London Borough of Newham, which has the highest level of homelessness in the country – with 1 in 25 people without a home. Newham also has the third highest unemployment rate in London at 8.6%; 41% of the adult population lacks a Level 3 qualification and 11.1% have no qualifications.

To address this need we have a tailored Education, Training and Employment programme which is a central part of a resident’s journey towards a stable future. Our support includes training needs analyses and exploration of motivations, skills and ambitions; personalised progression plans to meet employment goals; CV development workshops; and access to training, work experience, apprenticeship placements and job clubs to explore and apply for employment opportunities.

Our Service User survey revealed that 90% of respondents reported increased likelihood of employment since moving into Caritas Anchor House – with easy access to IT and training cited regularly. Many referred to improved self-confidence, linking this to our facilities and encouraging environment. Of those who moved out last year, 3% were in paid employment upon arrival and 21% when they left.

“Caritas Anchor House support people experiencing homelessness with a safe place to stay and access to education and employment opportunities. We’re pleased that in the last year, 45 of our residents secured new jobs.

“However, the rising cost of private rents mixed with a chronic lack of social housing is pricing so many people out of the housing market, including those in full-time paid employment.”  – Amanda Dubarry, Chief Executive

Caritas Anchor House works with private landlords and the local authority to support residents to secure genuinely affordable accommodation, and help people to break the cycle. However, affordable move-on accommodation is in very short supply, and many residents who are from Newham have to be re-housed outside of the borough.

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