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29 April, 2019
News Story


This month we’ve seen the first shoots growing from our Caritas Anchor House Gardening Group.

Last year we began our project where residents volunteer their time to cultivate a new green space to grow fruit and vegetables, which can then be prepared as meals.

We have come on leaps and bounds so far. We have built our very own planters, gone on a group trip to buy seeds and bulbs, set up herb planters, and now are seeing the rewards in hundreds of shoots appearing.

Fahmi, who has been involved since the start of the project, said, “It’s been really good getting involved and seeing our seeds grow. I have a mini-kitchen in my move-on flat and look forward to using the food we grow to cook.”

Preparing healthy meals on a budget will be a vital life skill for residents when living independently, and so top of our priority list for a number of years has been the new resident’s kitchen. Now in construction, the new kitchen is hoped to be completed in May 2019. Here, residents will be able to prepare their own meals, and put into practise the skills and information they will learn about healthy eating. We also hope that our residents will be able to use the fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in their very own garden.

Serena, our Fundraising and Marketing Officer who helps run the project, said, “It’s been really great to see our residents getting involved with the Gardening Project. It’s all about picking up new skills, but also a chance to get stuck in, spending time outdoors and growing healthy foods.

“It’s been really fun so far and a great opportunity for residents to work on something together. Once our resident’s kitchen is up and running, I look forward to seeing the vegetables and herbs get used too!”

Growing your own produce can be hugely satisfying and therapeutic, and we hope to help improve confidence, physical health and wellbeing as a result of the project. We are incredibly grateful to Groundwork UK for funding this project through the Tesco Bags for Life scheme, and we hope this edible garden will be a staple throughout our resident’s future.

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