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28 March, 2018
News Story


This weekend many people will be celebrating Easter with loved ones, and some will have given up small indulgences for Lent. We believe that this should also be a time for charity and giving back, not just ‘giving up’.

Easter signifies the start of spring, a season that brings transformation and new beginnings. At Your Place, we embrace this season of hope and renewal, and encourage our residents to get inspired and take steps in building their own new beginnings.

Your Place offers more than a home to those without one; our mission is to ensure that those who walk through our doors grow in confidence and move towards leading independent, self-fulfilling lives. We provide one-to-one holistic support, education and training to our residents 365 days a year. We are proud that in 2017 we supported 87 residents to move on and into new independent lives, with a fresh start and the opportunity to build their lives with confidence and hope. We’re seeking support to give even more people the same opportunity.

“Your Place gave me a second chance in life. They gave me the confidence to be myself, to be a good father, and to finally believe and trust in others.” – Emin, former resident of Your Place.

Emin became homeless in June 2014 after the breakdown of his family relationship. He was forced to sleep rough for six months, but was deeply ashamed of being homeless and so did not tell his work, friends or family. Thankfully, after coming to Your Place in summer 2015, his life took a turn for the better and he found motivation, trust and a job he loved. He began volunteering with our Maintenance Team, where he learnt new skills and found friendship in Terry and John (pictured alongside Emin), our other team members.

After successfully moving on to independent accommodation in October 2016, just one month later he was back at Your Place working in a full time position in the Maintenance Team which he still holds today.

Terry, our Facilities Manager, recounted; “Emin couldn’t use a screwdriver when he first came to us, but he proved himself and learnt quickly, and has been a pleasure to work with since his first day”. Since then, Emin has been supporting the team with DIY requests, building improvements and food donations. Not only that, but he acts a beacon of hope, reminding our residents that there is a future and a life after homelessness.

With your support, we can help even more of our residents build their new beginnings this Easter. Any contribution you can make, however great or small, has the ability to transform someone’s life and is truly appreciated.

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