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28 January, 2021
News Story


As we’ve entered the new year, we reflected back on the hurdles and many successes of 2020. During the year, we were delighted to have supported almost 300 people who were experiencing homelessness to build their new beginnings. People like Lesley, who shares her story below.

Thanks to you, our incredible supporters and partners, in 2020:

• 275 people who were experiencing homelessness were provided a home and support. We worked with each resident to look at the causes of their homelessness, set and work towards goals, and help build their new beginnings.
• Our ultimate aim is for all residents to live independently and we’re very happy to have helped 116 people move out of Your Place and start a new chapter in a home of their own.
• 53 residents worked during 2020, and 15 residents gained new employment – a great achievement considering the widespread job insecurity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadly, some residents also lost jobs due to the pandemic, but we supported them to manage their finances and prepare to get back into work.

We received 275% more referrals into our service than our capacity, which illustrate how our work is needed now more than ever. Looking ahead into 2021, we will continue to do all we can to support people to turn around their lives and look forward to expanding our accommodation later this year, so that even more people like Lesley can be get back on their feet.

“I had to take sick leave because of a spinal condition which meant that I couldn’t do my role as a care worker. My sick pay was £14 a week too much for me to be eligible for benefits, so there was no safety net. Not long after, my employer ended my contract meaning that I couldn’t pay my rent. I was evicted and became homeless.

“My key worker at Your Place is absolutely brilliant and supported me so much during my time. There’s always support if you need it, whether that’s because you’re struggling with your mental health or you just want to talk to someone.

“I moved into my own home a month ago, and I absolutely love it! I’m starting to make it look like my own, with all my personal touches. I can’t wait to show my son. Finally, I have something to be proud of. I turned 60 recently, and my new home is the best birthday and Christmas present I could have wished for.”

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