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25 February, 2019
News Story


Recently, we welcomed the NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to run a session promoting recovery, enabling residents to achieve and maintain better health and reduce risk of heart disease.

The Cardiac Rehab Co-ordinator, Tracy Kitto, was joined by four nurses from the CCG, who visited Caritas Anchor House to deliver a session with residents on healthy living.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of death among homeless people, with the numbers exceeding those seen in the normal population. One study found that men experiencing homelessness, aged 45 to 64, were between 40 and 50% more likely to die from heart disease than normal.

Nurses from the group delivered a presentation looking at what high blood pressure actually is, who is at risk, what blood pressure reading mean, and the possible causes for abnormal blood pressure.

The visiting nurses then carried out checks on the participant’s blood pressure, height and weight. We saw great engagement from this as residents were able to look at their own results and understand how they may need to change their behaviour and lifestyle in order to ensure they are able to maintain cardiac health.

The residents that attended gave positive feedback, with one sharing that he now has a “much better understanding of blood pressure, and the steps I can take to lower it and stay healthy.”

Working in collaboration with organisations such as the NHS Newham CCG is so important, and helps to encourage our residents to lead healthier lives.

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