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18 September, 2023
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Make it ‘one day’ or make it ‘day one’

On 17th August, we held a fun and varied event for residents on-site at Your Place.

Led by our resident engagement officer, the event provided opportunities to improve motivation, physical and mental health and explore training and employment options.

A number of local services and partners attended and shared how residents could get involved. This included a barber offering haircuts, and representatives from Cody Dock – a local community-led creative quarter with community gardens. They shared how residents could get involved in gardening projects, volunteering, walks and workshops with others living nearby.

Swing Fitness shared how residents could get involved in free workouts and use of equipment in local parks, to help improve their physical health. They also run boot camp sessions which residents could get involved in to meet and exercise with others.

We were also pleased to be joined by three organisations with job and training opportunities, who spoke with interested residents. As a result, a number of residents have now signed up to an IT course and qualification. This not only builds digital inclusion, but support will also be available to explore job opportunities at the end of the course.

A number of residents also enrolled onto a range of construction courses too, found out about job opportunities in the hospitality sector, and sought advice from Newham’s Homelessness Prevention and Advice Service. In addition, there was some healthy competition through table tennis and some delicious food!

We were also visited by Sir Marco Robinson – an entrepreneur, coach and film producer. Sir Marco shared his story, including his own experience of homelessness, and how he overcame many obstacles to get to where he is now. Residents were really engaged and his mantra – to “make it ‘one day’ or make it day one” – resonated with them.

This event was one in a regular series, to provide opportunities for residents to meet their personal goals, with the support of Your Place and the introduction to local services, communities and activities that they can get involved in.

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