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14 September, 2018
News Story


Homelessness is a huge crisis in this country. More than 300,000 people are homeless today, with many more expected to be unrecorded.

Homelessness can be devastating, particularly as we head into winter. But it’s not an issue that should only be considered in the cold months, or when headline figures hit the press.

Though visible, rough sleeping in far from the full picture of homelessness. The vast majority of homeless people are ‘hidden’ in hostels, B&Bs or sofa-surfing. Homeless people are also increasingly in employment, but low wages and rising rents are a major obstacle to securing a home of their own.

Caritas Anchor House knows how difficult it is for those trying to get by without a place to call home. That’s why we offer a home and support to hundreds of people in the London Borough of Newham each year – where 1 in 25 people are homeless, the highest in the country. Our driving mission is to ensure that those who walk through our doors grow in confidence and move towards leading independent, self-fulfilling lives by providing education, guidance and personal rehabilitation.

Tariq became homeless when he lost his job and fell into debt. He felt that things were spiralling out of control, but last year, he moved into Caritas Anchor House and received support to rebuild his confidence. He said, “I was a car crash waiting to happen, but Caritas Anchor House has opened my eyes and given me the chance to get my life back on track. They’ve helped me to take a step back to sort everything out.”

But to help people more people like Tariq to turn around their lives, we need your help. Caritas Anchor House are going through a period of growth, and are looking to expand our facilities, to help more people than ever before. We are reliant on voluntary donations, including gifts in Wills.

This week is Remember a Charity Week, a national campaign raising awareness of leaving a gift to a charity in your Will. By leaving a gift in your Will to Caritas Anchor House, your help will go where it can make the most difference, and have a lasting impact on the lives of homeless people. You can find out more on our website by clicking here.

We hope for a day where homelessness is a thing of the past – where housing is genuinely affordable, where the safety net provided by the state functions effectively, and where support is available so no one has to become homeless. However, until that becomes a reality, we will work passionately to ensure everyone who comes through our doors receives the support they need to get back on their feet.

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