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8 March, 2020
News Story


At Caritas Anchor House, we were pleased to be selected by the Stratford Rotary group to benefit from their Small Project Grant Scheme!

The grant supported our Peer Led Recovery Programme, the goal of which is to support our residents to understand more about their mental and physical health, and to empower them to take more responsibility to improve their wellbeing.

The programme includes ten core topics in 90 minute sessions, co-facilitated by staff and external professionals, but with the aims of allowing peers to lead and support each other by sharing opinions and lived experiences. Among others, the topics include stress management, being kind to yourself, introduction to mindfulness, building health relationships, coping with anxiety, among others.

The programme also includes an away day for residents who attend five or more sessions, and a group were pleased recently to have a day out at the British Museum – with tickets kindly donated by Clifford Chance – followed by a lovely lunch. The day was a great opportunity for residents who have been involved to reflect on what they’ve learnt and the progress they’ve made, while building friendships with their peers. Many of our residents hadn’t visited museums before, and one said, “I didn’t think this was for me, but when we got there I really enjoyed it.”

We hope that the life skills learnt in our sessions will begin a ripple effect of change in attitudes and behaviour which will help our residents in many aspects of their lives. For example, a related increase in engagement with our other services such as our Education, Training and Employment programme from the increased confidence and self-esteem.

We’re extremely grateful to have been selected by Stratford Rotary for a grant to support this vital work, and were pleased to attend their 115th birthday celebrations to receive the award. By supporting Caritas Anchor House in this way, they are helping to provide a valuable step along our resident’s wider journey away from homelessness and into self-fulling independent lives.

Elif, our Mental Health Specialist, said, “The peer-led recovery sessions are part of a initiative to raise awareness of general mental wellbeing and health topics amongst our resident group. We are hoping to support residents to manage their health and wellbeing effectively, and with confidence.”

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