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27 February, 2018
News Story


We are delighted to be a finalist in the UK Housing Awards 2018 in the category of ‘Outstanding approach to tackling homelessness’!

As the biggest award ceremony of their kind, the UK Housing Awards showcase the very best the housing sector has to offer. This nomination recognises that Your Place has an innovative approach, and remains resolute in ensuring that those who come to us for help never experience life without a home again.

Not having a safe place to sleep to can be devastating, and the crisis is growing. For those who find themselves trapped in this situation, life-changing support is available at Your Place.

We support over 250 homeless people each year, and no two stories are the same. As such, we developed our Aspirations Programme – a holistic support model, tailored to support the needs of each individual that calls Your Place home. We emphasize each of our resident’s strengths and interests, and working together, we tackle the root causes of each individual’s homelessness, identify their skills and development areas.

A resident said, “Without Your Place I might not still be around. They gave me back who I am, and probably a little bit more. I’ve achieved so much, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Every day, we witness positive changes to the lives of those we work with through our Aspirations Programme, though it is not the only innovative project we are proud of.

Last year saw the opening of our 25 brand new move-on flats on our site. The move from the supportive environment of Your Place to independent living can be difficult, so our move-on flats operate as a half-way point, helping ensure that our residents are able to sustain their independence long term. Residents have full responsibility for their everyday lives, such as money management and cooking, but are still able to access our support services if and when needed. These new flats also meant an expansion in our capacity from 115 to 140 spaces, meaning we can offer support to more people in need than ever before, and leave a legacy of hope in Newham.

One resident said, “Two weeks ago I moved into one of the new move-on flats on site to help prepare me for moving out completely. I’ve got my privacy but I’m still able to do a lot of work with my keyworker. It’s reassuring to know I can still talk to him when I need to.”

The winners will be announced at the UK Housing Awards Ceremony on the evening of Wednesday 2nd May. We are keeping our fingers crossed, and look forward to celebrating the achievements of the housing sector and of fellow charities tackling homelessness.

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