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18 May, 2023
News Story

Working with iRecycle to secure employment opportunities

Our mission is simple – to solve homelessness, one person at a time. And employment is a vital part of that journey for so many people.

As manager of the Community Partnerships Team at Your Place, I often receive details of a range of opportunities – both in the borough and beyond. I received a tip-off from the wonderful people at Suited and Booted that ‘this amazing company’, iRecycle, was looking to recruit employees for their waste disposal operation. ‘Check out their website…now!’ I knew from the moment I saw it and read through some of the amazing work they are doing – not to mention their vision – I knew that we had to put them to the test!

I still can’t believe how efficient the recruitment process was. Within a day of Ibsa, a resident at Your Place, submitting his application for the driver’s mate vacancy, they responded with an interview date.

Despite expressing a great deal of fear ahead of the interview due to a significant period away from the job market, Ibsa told us that he felt really comfortable throughout the process, as the team at iRecycle had created a very supportive atmosphere. Amazing.

Our experience in this space tells us that for many, the routes back into employment can often be long and exaggerated due to range of factors. However, we are already seeing the impact of Ibsa securing a job with iRecycle.

"I've been doing challenging but rewarding work, thanks to the exceptional people I work with who create a supportive environment that fosters growth and collaboration. I am fully committed to the work and hope that my dedication is reflected in the results. Many thanks to Your Place, Will and Jean-Louis for their invaluable support, and to iRecycle for providing me with this incredible opportunity. - Ibsa"

It has led to a number of others approaching the team enquiring about how they might also secure types of employment across a range of sectors. We have also seen a steady increase in the number of residents seeking CV and interview skills advice as well as queries regarding access to education and training.

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with iRecycle and the potential to achieve many more successes as we push ahead in our efforts to improve the social mobility and inclusion of those who often find themselves amongst the most excluded in society.

A huge THANK YOU to all at iRecycle – especially Elliot and Sarah who have been amazing.

We look forward to many more successes and stories of secured employment!

David Williams

Community Partnerships Manager, Your Place

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