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Fundraise at school

Fundraising is an amazing opportunity to engage the whole of your school community. We look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing the fun things you get up to.

Fundraising Ideas

Dress-down Days

Whether you pick a theme or just go casual, dress-down days are a super easy way to get everyone involved at school.

Sponsored Silence

A classic no-talking sponsored silence is a brilliant idea to try as a class at school or in a youth club. How else can you all communicate?

X Marks the Spot

Treasure hunts are great for getting people together. You can charge an entry fee, or participants collect sponsorship for clues correctly answered.

Bake Sale

Simple but oh so sweet! Fairy cakes and chocolate brownies can change the world for good. You could even sell your family recipes.

Board Game Night

Gather all your favourite board and card games for a cosy night of competition with hot chocolate and marshmallows.


A favourite of teachers and parents, as it encourages children to read for pleasure. Students obtain pledges for how many pages/books they will read.


Everyone remembers how fun sleepovers are! Host a school sleepover in the school gym or the school library.

Jellybean Jar

Incredibly easy to set and hugely entertaining. Guess the number of jellybeans in the jar. Close to guess wins and gets to keep the jar.

Fundraising Team

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Fundraising team

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