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11 July, 2023
News Story

Highly Commended in ‘Excellence in supported housing’ award!

We’re pleased to announce that Your Place was Highly Commended in the Homeless Link Excellence Awards 2023, in the category of ‘Excellence in supported housing’.

The award recognises ‘high quality, safe accommodation options’ for people experiencing rough sleeping or homelessness. Being highly commended is a testament to the resilience and aspirations of those we are here to help, and the dedicated teams who support them.

"Before moving to Your Place, I was sleeping on the streets in London for over 20 years. Soon after moving in here, I got a room at Hope Street. It is such a relief to live in a safe and secure place now, while I refocus and regain my confidence. Since I’ve been here things are improving drastically, and I've ended up getting a security job working for the Docklands Light Railway." - David, resident"

The homelessness crisis is worsening, with more people than ever losing their homes. That’s why we repurposed part of our building to build additional accommodation to meet the growing need in London. The service opened in March 2022 and was named Hope Street, chosen by residents through a co-production project, which aptly reflects the feelings people have when they stay with us.

Services can often feel institutional, and so the design of Hope Street was truly innovative. With the look of a compact village and a sense of community, each room is designed to empower residents to feel a sense of ownership of their home and environment. Every individual is different, and this is reflected in the aesthetics, with each of the 15 independent units having a unique character. The spaces evoke the feeling of safety and tranquillity – a peaceful, secure haven to retreat to and call home.

Our person-centred support includes basic needs, life skills, housing, health and wellbeing, and importantly, training, employment, move-on and sustaining long-term tenancies. These services have been essential in helping Hope Street residents to secure and sustain employment. In fact, 33% are now working, significantly higher than the homelessness sector average of 10%. Moreover, 94% are engaged in training and education – a testament to our commitment to empowering residents to build a better future (vs 10% nationally).

Where we have had the most significant impact is sustained tenancies. In the year since opening, 100% of residents in Hope Street sustained their tenancies with us, and were supported and well-equipped to do so once they leave the service. Residents are supported to understand vital tenancy management skills including housing options, rights and responsibilities, living on a budget, maintaining a property and landlord relationships. This is vital to ensure that residents do not return to homelessness and ensures our support has a lasting impact.

Hope Street is an excellent example of supported housing providing safe, high-quality accommodation for individuals experiencing homelessness, and we’re so pleased this has been recognised by Homeless Link too. Its innovative design and person-centred approach have a significant impact, providing a supportive community that empowers residents to build their self-belief, confidence and place in society.

But the people who can describe the impact best is those who have felt it personally.

""Hope Street is like a breath of fresh air with its clean and peaceful environment, but what truly makes it special are the good people who tirelessly work to create a welcoming and supportive community. It's a place where hope thrives and positive changes happen". – Katarzyna, resident"

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted organisations and to The Marylebone Project who won the award! Thank you for working towards our shared goal, to end homelessness one person at a time.

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