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19 September, 2018
News Story


In partnership with Pinnacle and Your Space

Article contributed by Pinnacle PSG – one of Caritas Anchor House’s valued partners.

Your Space, led by Tallat Bhatti has been privileged to build on the supportive partnership with Pinnacle Housing, namely the residential complex in 55 Ruscoe Road. This partnership has led us to develop a valued and collaborative working relationship with Pinnacle and Caritas Anchor House’s Your Space programme, via the Centre Manager, Julie Impey.

This partnership work began in 2013, when Your Space approached Julie with a model of working conversations into food preparation and building an outward facing community within the residents at Ruscoe Road. The two planning groups that arose from this work are Connecting Elders and Connecting Families, who both utilise and benefit from the safe space that had been developed and opened up at Ruscoe Road.

Following an extensive refurbishment programme, Ruscoe Road underwent a transformation from the traditional model of sheltered housing communal space, into an era of fresh, modern multi functional surroundings, capable of serving many different community groups and models. Pinnacle was keen to engage with groups such are Your Space to project their model of inclusiveness and community engagement.

Connecting Elders enables elders to receive friendships and nourishing meals on a fortnightly basis. More than this it has enabled a life support of strong bonds of friendships and connections between many local elders. Julie regularly hosts events to mark landmark days and anniversaries which not only connects elders to the bigger, national picture but also enables them to affirm their presence and position in todays’ society.

Your Space aims to build partnerships to introduce community pathways as a clinical pathway that don’t currently exist. People who travel along these community pathways become more community minded, taking an active interest in the people around them. This helps to recover active social functioning which enables a familylike effect and this with the trust and support of a few familiar faces helps to mobilise people to lead active social lives, become more involved and start to take initiatives.

Each year the ‘Older Peoples Day – Full of Life’ event is held at Ruscoe Road. This is an opportunity to celebrate and toast the success of many elders in the community who have made a real difference. This year the event will be held on Thursday, 4th October 2018 at 11pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to get involved in any of these initiatives please contact Julie Impey on or 020 7511 2214.

You can see the original article in the Pinnacle Canning Town newsletter, by clicking here.

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