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Adam’s Story

"I’m getting there slowly, but I’m getting there. I’m really very positive about moving on and what happens next for me."

When I first became homeless, I was completely on my own. I’d been working in the hospitality industry and renting privately, but I lost my home when I lost my job. I was very proud and too afraid to ask for help. I never looked homeless – I used to spend my time between the soup kitchen and the day centre, where they had a shower.

But after two years of being homeless, I just thought “What am I doing to myself?” I hadn’t been thinking about the future, and knew I had to change my life. That’s when I finally asked for help and I asked the right people. I got a place at a night shelter.

I came to Your Place in February 2020 and it just changed my life. It was amazing when I got here – the staff are incredible and have helped me to sort myself out. I used to have problems with drinking heavily, but it got much better and I’ve now stopped drinking.

I’ve been able to focus on myself and where I want to get to during lockdown, and I’ve been volunteering with gardening and cleaning to keep busy. It’s my way of showing appreciation and saying thank you for all of the help that I’ve received here. It’s just been amazing.

The next step for me is to sort out my previous work references so that I can start applying for jobs again. I’m about to start voluntary work with a charity and I’m also signing up for agency jobs. I want to go back to work in the hospitality industry – I can do everything from working in the kitchen to front-of-house service.

I’m getting there slowly, but I’m getting there. I’ve had an amazing opportunity here. I’m really very positive about moving on and what happens next for me.

Since Adam shared his experience, he has since secured a job he loves and has moved out into his own home!

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