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Borys’ Story

Borys found himself in need of support after enduring a series of challenges. As he moved into Your Place, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but what he found was life-changing. Here, Borys shares his story of resilience and the profound impact of the kindness and compassion he experienced from the dedicated team at Your Place.

In 2015, I came to this country with a heart full of hope and dreams for my future. I started working in the construction industry and things were going well until tragedy struck. I fell down the stairs while on the job and broke my leg. It was a severe injury that left me unable to work and struggling to pay my bills.

To make matters worse, my landlord demanded rent even though I couldn’t work due to my injury. I had no choice but to leave and ended up on the streets. I was homeless for over a year, struggling to move and relying on a Zimmer frame to get around.

Life on the streets was harsh, especially with so many drug users and alcoholics around. I was tired of the constant danger and uncertainty. But one day, StreetLink came to my aid while I was rough sleeping in Upton Park. They offered me a place to stay and placed me in a hotel in Beckton for two days. After that, they moved me to Your Place.

The people at Your Place treated me with respect and kindness. They helped me with my passport and universal credit applications, and even organised visits to the dentist. I was grateful for the support and felt amazing to be in a safe and comfortable environment. I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict, just a normal person who fell on hard times.

Despite having previously managed a team of 50 individuals in the construction industry, my dreams of starting my own building company were put on hold after the leg injury. My eagerness to return to work and regain my independence was hindered by my condition.

However, Your Place stepped in and provided me with the necessary support and care to focus on my recovery and plan for the future. With their help, I regained hope and a determination to overcome my obstacles. I will be eternally grateful to the kind-hearted individuals and organisations that supported me during my darkest days.

"Thanks to Your Place, my hope for the future was restored, and I found the determination to overcome the obstacles in my path."

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