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Kabir’s Story

When Kabir’s mother passed away, he lost his home and all the basic necessities that came with it

Kabir* has asked to remain anonymous.

My story started around three and a half years ago, when my mum died. The house I had called home for so long was suddenly no longer mine, and when the house was left to only one of my siblings in my mum’s Will, I had nowhere to stay. Normal day-to-day things that I took for granted were suddenly not accessible to me, and it took a physical and mental toll.

I had no access to even basic needs, nowhere to shower, eat, or sleep, so I contacted everyone I knew for help: friends, relatives, neighbours. After a while, you feel like you’ve outstayed your welcome, and the whole experience was very embarrassing. I ended up sleeping in any space I could find, whether that was cars, sheds, and eventually sleeping rough on the street. It was emotionally degrading and physically tarnishing, and this dangerous situation mixed with the grief of losing my mum was really hard.

After two years of the stress of sleeping rough mixed with sofa surfing, I was found by Newham outreach team, and placed in different temporary accommodation. Then, in July 2023, I came to Your Place.

"Their belief in me helped me rebuild myself; now I look forward and see things with a sense of hope."

At first, I was worried and scared; I felt apprehensive about being around other people, as I felt so broken. The staff immediately encouraged me, and were so kind-hearted, compassionate, and helpful. I’ve met so many people at Your Place, all with stories to tell and different personalities. Every day was different, there were often activities and lots of people to talk to.

Last week I moved into my new flat, and I’m now settling into a more independent way of living. Having been through some dark times while I was homeless, the staff being there to talk to has made such a difference. Their belief in me helped me rebuild myself; now I look forward and see things with a sense of hope.

I used this new confidence to get involved with community activities and education again, and recently I attended a short course in law at the University of East London. My current job is in education, but I’m now inspired to move forward in the legal sector, and once I’m settled in my new flat and have done more studying, I hope to train as a solicitor. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without being at Your Place. I’ve come out a stronger and more positive person, and can look forward to what the future might hold.

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