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Thomas’s story 

"I had a nice and steady job at a hardware store. Unfortunately, things turned bad at home, which is when I got chucked out."

In 2017, I had a nice and steady job at a hardware store and lived with my Mum and Dad. Unfortunately, things turned bad at home, with my mum going into rehab, and I lost my job. I then started to drink a lot, which is when I got chucked out. I went to an emergency night shelter and whilst there, I heard good stuff about Caritas Anchor House and asked the night shelter if I could move there.

Since being at Caritas Anchor House, my keyworker James has been like a Dad to me and has helped me to take care of so many things in my life to get back on the right track. I’ve been supported around things like my finances, writing a CV and getting my health on track.

I’ve currently been sober for seven months, and I feel a million times better. Every morning I now wake up with a clear head and start my to-do list. I love having a routine now and am determined to stay sober and get back into work as soon as possible really. I’ve been volunteering at Caritas Anchor House too, to get my confidence up and learn some new skills.

I’ve just started a new budgeting course once a week, which has helped me plan ahead for the month. I’m better now at budgeting for the bills and essentials I have to pay for, such as food and washing. I still smoke a lot, and I am planning to quit soon and buy a vape to save as much cash as possible.

I’m looking for jobs and once I do, I know I will be in the right place mentally to move out and live independently. I cannot thank Caritas Anchor House enough for helping me with my addiction and for getting back up on my feet.

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